Hai Hai Yeh Majboori - Roti Kapda Aur Makan (destitute) (1974) Video

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des·ti·tute   [des-ti-toot, -tyoot] Show IPA adjective, verb, -tut·ed, -tut·ing.
without means of subsistence; lacking food, clothing, and shelter.
deprived of, devoid of, or lacking (often followed by of ): destitute of children.
1350--1400; Middle English Latin dēstitūtus (past participle of dēstituere to abandon, deprive of support), equivalent to dē- de- + stit- place, put (combining form of statuere; see statute) + -ū- thematic vowel + -tus past participle suffix

Related forms
des·ti·tute·ly, adverb
des·ti·tute·ness, noun
pre·des·ti·tute, adjective
un·des·ti·tute, adjective

1. needy, poor, indigent, necessitous, penniless, impoverished. 2. deficient.

1. affluent.

Example Sentences
They are four in number, two from each lung, and are destitute of valves.
Right now, they happen to be far more dangerous to the stability of society than the one in seven Americans who are destitute .

Hindi Song Title: Arey Hai Hai Yeh Majboori
Hindi Movie/Album Name: ROTI KAPDA AUR MAKAN

Hindi Lyrics:

Are hai hai yeh majboorii, yeh mausam aur yeh doori mujhe pal pal hai tadpaaye
Teri do takiyan di naukri te mera lakhon kaa saawan jaaye re
Are hai hai yeh....

Kitne saawan beet gaye, baithi hoon aas lagaaye
Kiss saawan mein mile sajanwa, woh saawan kab aaye kab aaye
Madhur milan kaa yeh saawan hathon se nikla jaaye
O teri do takiyan....

Prem ka aisa bandhan hai jo bandh ke phir naa toote
Are naukari kaa hai kya bharosa, aaj mile kal chhoote, kal choote
Ambar pe hai dhara swayam aur phir bhi too ghabraye
O teri do takiyan.....
Duration: 03 Minute, 23 Second
Rating: 3.65 - Good
Definition: SD
Published: 6 Years Ago

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